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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I thought I would share with you all a few products that I love right now! It is a mixture of home decor, clothes, beauty products, books etc!

1. Oil Diffuser. I bought mine from Amazon for just $39.95 and love it! I diffuse essential oils all the time. Right now my favorite is lavender at night to relax and unwind.

2. Essential Oils. Since I love my diffuser, I have to love what I put in it! These essential oils are 100% pure and are a great price.

3. My newest favorite thing is my Himalayan Salt Lamp. I found mine at Home Goods for $19.99, but I know you can purchase them on Amazon and at Bed Bath and Beyond. These lamps help cleanse the air in your home, reduce allergy and asthma symptoms, increase your energy levels as well as help you sleep. They are really cool looking too!

4. You have probably heard how Probiotics are beneficial to your digestive system and gut. Besides taking a supplement, something else that has these good bacterias in it are Kombuchas. These fermented tea drinks are quite tasty and my favorite brand is KeVita! You can find them at Whole Foods and many other grocery stores.

5. I love to decorate. My husband and I just bought our first house and I am all heart eyes for every square inch of it! (Don’t worry, there will be a house tour and plenty of decorating tips coming soon) A book I read a while back really opened my heart to how I wanted to decorate my home. The Nesting Place is a great read and teaches everyone it “doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”!

6. Another one of my favorite books is Make It Happen by Lara Casey. She also is the creator of the Powersheets that I mentioned in my Snow Day post. I love her and what she stands for. It is a must read for EVERYONE!

7. Blanket Scarfs. A go-to accessory for many girls this winter season. I bought mine in the dollar spot at Target for $7!! I don’t think they have them anymore, but there are so many stores that carry them!

8. I have been using organic facial products for a year or more now. I just started using the Andalou Naturals – Quenching cleanser, toner, day cream, and eye lift cream. I have used other Andalou products for a while and was running out so I thought I would try these!

9. Two other beauty products I use daily are for my hair. I love going between the Andalou Naturals Smooth Hold Styling Cream and Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hair Creme. They both make my hair smooth and don’t weigh it down. (P.S. Vitacost is my favorite online store to get all my organic products, supplements, and much more! It is so much cheaper than in any store!!)

10. Lastly are these Kate Spade Keds! I wore these on my wedding day!! They were so comfortable, but still fun and stylish! I love the bling! I wear them all the time now!

I would love to hear what are your favorite things!