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DIY: Painting Your Fireplace White

DIY: Painting Your Fireplace White

I’ve been channeling my inner Joanna Gaines since moving into our new house. A few weeks ago I took on the project of painting our fireplace! When Chase and I were house hunting one of my “must-haves” was a fireplace. I love decorating a mantle, and sitting by the fire in the winter. To match our style and home furnishing, I knew I wanted to paint the brick white to give it a more modern farmhouse look. After doing some research I decided to follow Better Homes and Garden‘s post on how to paint a fireplace. It took me around 3 days (on and off) to complete the whole project, but it was well worth it!!

Step 1: Prep your workspace. Put down drop cloths and painters tape around fireplace perimeter. Cover the inside of your fireplace as well.

Step 2: Vacuum bricks to get off any initial dirt and dust.

Step 3: Use a wire brush to clean the bricks of any stuck on soot and dust that would not allow the paint to adhere properly.

Step 4: Vacuum once more to get the excess soot and dust from the bricks after using your wire brush

Step 5: Clean the bricks with TSP, which is a heavy duty cleaner. Let it dry completely before priming. Below is the TSP I used.

Step 6: Use a thick roller for textured surfaces to prime the fireplace with a stain-blocking oil based primer. This was the “not fun” part. It took a while to get all the brick covered. Be aware that it will splatter because it is a thinner paint. I just did one coat.

Step 7: Next the paint!! I used 2 coats of the Olympic Home Interior Latex Paint-Satin. With the hard to reach spots that the roller couldn’t get I used a small paint brush.

Step 8: Lastly I waited until the brick was completely dry and pulled the painters tape up and put new tape around the trim. We decided to paint the trim and mantle a dark grey for a bigger contrast! Ta da!!!

I absolutely love the way it turned out!