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Let It Snow

Let It Snow

Snow days were the best days as a kid. At my childhood home there are many hills, perfect for sledding. My family would spend all morning outside playing then come in to yummy hot stew on the stove and a fire going.   Growing up in the South we would be out of school for days!

Going to Appalachian State University gave me a greater appreciation for schools and towns actually being closed due to snow. Living in Boone for four years I learned how to dress in many layers, walk to class in a blizzard, cover your face at all times, and figure out how to navigate a little VW beyond a snow covered parking lot and drive down the mountain to student teaching.

Coming back down the mountain after college to teach in a public school means I get snow days again!! Even as an adult, I still get giddy waking up peeking out the window to see a blanket of white snow covering the ground.

Adult snow days look a little different now, but I still get so much joy out of them!

The first snow of 2017 in my small North Carolina town was actually a good amount. Around 5 inches at our house! The snow filled weekend included going out to play, yummy chili, hot drinks, chess, movies, and my favorite: quiet time with God. 

One of my 2017 goals is to get back into daily journaling. Currently I am writing in an Erin Condren journal. These are great because you can customize the cover just the way you would like it! Along with journaling, I started The One Year Bible. This is a great walk through of the Bible. Each day there is an Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs passage to read.  Plus they include doodles and verses you can color! Also pictured above is my 2017 PowerSheets. These goal setting workbooks are a game changer!! I will write a whole separate post on my 2017 goals and how I use my PowerSheets. You don’t need anything fancy to have a meaningful quiet time with God. Just take out your bible and dive into His word. So much grace, peace, and joy are found talking to your Creator and growing in your relationship.

Hope your ”snow days” are filled with the ones you love and soaking up being still for a moment.

“The snow reminded me of the beauty and mystery of creation, of the essential joy that is life” – Orhan Pamuk