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Top 6 Teas Found In My Cabinet

Top 6 Teas Found In My Cabinet

I am obsessed with tea. One of my favorite memories as a child was going to a tea room with my grandmother and aunt. We picked our tea, dressed in fancy hats and gloves, and ate scones with delicious lemon curd on them. It was so fun! I love everything related to tea…teacups, mugs, tea kettles, and tea pots! My husband thinks we have too many mugs….I don’t think we have enough!

There are so many teas I enjoy, but I thought I would start with some I have currently. I usually drink my tea without any sweetener. If I do want to add something, it would be honey.

Harney and Sons Fine Teas: Cranberry

I got this one as a Christmas gift and love it! I love herbal tea and this tastes like all things winter!

The Republic of Tea: Blackberry Sage

I love The Republic of Tea and I found this one at Whole Foods. It is a black tea, but isn’t as bitter tasting.

The Republic of Tea: Pumpkin Spice

Yes you heard correctly….there is a pumpkin spice tea! Perfect for fall (or really any season!)

Mighty Leaf: Organic Coconut Assam

This is a black tea, with a nice hint of coconut. I found this one at Lowes Foods. Mighty Leaf is another one of my top favorites.

Traditional Medicinals: Ginger Aid

This is perfect for digestion or if you feel sick.

Celestial Seasonings: Watermelon Lime Zinger

I haven’t had this brand of tea in a long time, but when I saw it was watermelon I couldn’t resist! I love watermelon and it is the perfect spring/summer tea!

Do you love tea? Or are you more of a coffee drinker?? I do enjoy both! I would love to hear some of your favorites, so leave me a comment below!