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This is the Day the Lord Has Made

This is the Day the Lord Has Made

Every girl dreams of the day she will be a bride. Since I was a little girl I remember so vividly playing “wedding” with my little sister Rachel. Her and I would dress up in my aunt’s wedding dress, put on her veil, and carry fake flowers around as we sang “Here Comes the Bride”. Rachel and I would talk about what we hoped our big day would look like. Outside in a field of wild flowers…that was my dream.

You don’t envision 100% chance of rain on your wedding day.

Let me back up a little bit and tell you about my husband. Chase and I grew up in the same small, southern town. We met each other through a mutual friend in middle school but didn’t know each other too well until the end of my senior (his junior) year of high school. We reconnected through another mutual friend and started to hang out more. We started dating soon after. I left for college and we dated throughout my freshman year, only to break it off the next summer.  He and I went our separate ways. It was a huge blessing in disguise!! Fast forward a few years. We reconnected on Facebook and decided to try the relationship again. Chase and I realized how much we had grown up, matured, and found ourselves while being apart from one another for those years in college. Our “second go around” as we like to call it ended…well….in marriage! It is crazy how God’s timing works. And I am so blessed for that time to grow as a woman in between our dating. 

Back to the wedding day.

The week before the wedding the chance of rain kept increasing and so did my anxiety. Chase and I didn’t want to change our plans of having the wedding outside. A last minute decision to rent a tent for the ceremony and reception was the best decision we made! During our rehearsal it poured  and we were so thankful we had the tent.

Morning of the wedding…..SUNSHINE! 

Was this real life? Was the whole day going to be sunny??

I was so in awe of God and His goodness. I don’t know why I was worried in the first place!

While we were getting ready and taking photos outside it was warm and sunny! The complete opposite of what was forecasted. Our ceremony started at 5 and right as my dad and I were walking out it started to drizzle. As soon as we got under the tent, light rain began to fall. It continued to rain during the ceremony and actually cooled everyone down. However, the rain ended as soon as the reception started!   What amazing timing!! The rest of the evening was beautiful,  magical and better than I could have dreamed of!

What I learned from the whole wedding planning process is that God is in control. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the little details you forget the big picture. You are marrying your best friend, and beginning your life together as one. All the worrying and stress should be given to God.

Friends, when you are overwhelmed with worry, rest in knowing God is with you, always and forever. He takes all of our burdens. Let go and enjoy the moment!



Wedding Day Photographs: Ashley Louise Photography